Ryan & Rico


The Business of Youth Sports

The HBO Documentary "Trophy Kids" spurred a passionate discussion on R & R

The psychology of parents and how they approach youth sports has reached a boiling points in gyms, rinks, and on diamonds all across America.

HBO's "Trophy Kids" documentary hit Ryan's nerves this week. From the way too young (8 years old) to high school, Yelling at kids, screaming at officials, and accepting vulgar language as part of the team's day to day operations - when is enough, enough and how does society help these parents get back on track?

Ryan, Rico and some of the most knowledgeable and insightful listeners of @DSports1051 engage in an enlightening conversation about how today's youth are getting a bad example set by adults they're looking up to and that path we need to take to right this ship that's sailed way off course.

At the end of the podcast, Grosse Pte South Alum & recently retired MLB infielder Chris Getz joins Ryan & Rico to discuss what youth sports were like for him and the approach he plans on having as he enters parenthood this summer.