LeSean McCoy's 20 Cent Tip Receipt Hits $99,900 on eBay

LeSean McCoy caught a lot of flack last week for leaving a $0.20 tip on a $61.56 food bill. The receipt showing that transaction is now up for bid on eBay for almost $100,000.

As Yahoo reports, McCoy dined in at Philly burger joint PYT. According to the Eagles running back, he was treated poorly, hence the lackluster tip. PYT owner disagreed and claims McCoy was given the star treatment. He later posted a photo of the recipt on Facebook. That piece of paper is going for some serious cash after one of Up's friend listed it on eBay. The seller's description reads:

The item up for Auction is the controversial $0.20 Receipt for Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean "Shady" McCoy's meal at Philadelphia Restaurant, PYT. The aforementioned receipt has caused quite the media buzz amongst social media/news networks/celebrities along with many others. Not only do you get to keep a memento of weird current events/social media history but you also get an autograph from incredibly talented Philadelphia Eagles running back, LeSean McCoy!!! As to how I came into possession of this item: My good friend Tommy Up has left this receipt in my possession in order to ensure something positive comes out of this somewhat negative action that has recently taken place.

The item has received over 140 bids, which closes this Saturday. The money received from the auction will go towards "the largest tip possible to all PYT employees for their hard work and dedication."